Strategic Consulting Services

Among 47 Media’s consulting services:

Revenue and Monetization Modeling

Using insights on market pricing and demand, 47 Media will create a customized online media revenue model for your business.

Among the possible components of the model:

  • Recommendations for unique advertising products and services that will differentiate your properties from the rest
  • Go-to-market strategy that will meet sales goals and optimize potential revenue
  • Development of partnership terms that match the current strengths and goals of your business

We can also apply our knowledge and expertise to your budgeting and revenue projections, helping you adjust your figures of direct sold and remnant revenue to accurately reflect the flux of the market.

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Technology & Competitive Assessments

47 Media will provide a detailed assessment of the technology needs of your business as they relate to the roadmap for growth. We combine our knowledge and firsthand experience with online media technology (e.g., licensed network management platforms) with awareness of brand new vendors and feature offerings to find the best possible solution for your business.

We also offer competitive assessment services, applying the same meticulous eye. As the online media marketplace quickly evolves to meet advertiser demand, new players and technologies can make the space feel crowded and confusing. 47 Media will conduct a standard SWOT analysis of your primary competitors, then add on extra layers of insight, such as assessment of product/service offerings and tracking of company momentum.

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Playbook Development

One of the most difficult parts of moving forward with your digital business is the lack of a strong playbook of best practices. 47 Media will built a custom plan for you, which will include how to overcome objections, build publisher strategy, and the smartest way to approach the shifting market.

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Network Strategy & Technology Implementation

Making the decision to build a vertical network is just the first step. When 47 Media steps in, we’ll help define the type of network you’ll want to build, clarify the value proposition to your publisher partners, and implement the chosen technology that will manage and support all who interface with your network, from partners to your internal ad ops team. 47 Media will help you fill in any gaps that may arise, from ad serving and targeting to pre-sales management and accounts payable systems.

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Partnership Building Strategy

47 Media will help you build a value proposition that actually sells. In the past few years, publishers have been bombarded with so many offers — from ad networks, affiliates, and the like — that they have every reason to be jaded and skeptical about new offerings.  47 Media has worked with media companies to create a unique, compelling, and flexible product that publishers have responded to with enthusiasm. It also helps that we have some friendly contacts in key target markets who will test new ad products and give honest feedback about their long-term viability.

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Executive Advisement

In many ways, bringing on 47 Media to your project is like hiring an interim VP of publisher and network development. Founder and principal Scott Swanson will apply his knowledge of emerging technologies, real-life pricing and revenue predictions, and the latest trends in web monetization directly to your company’s business goals, providing the necessary expertise for smart decision-making.

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Operations & Staffing

Whether you need to build an entire ad operations and network development group from scratch, or simply refine your current staffing plan and organization chart, 47 Media will recommend the most efficient way to do so. A fine-tuned operational structure means ads will run swiftly and smoothly, which is the best way to ensure advertiser satisfaction and renewals.

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Negotiations & Pricing Insights

We make it our business to not only know all of the players in the market, but also maintain a familiarity with each of their fee structures. When it comes time to negotiate your pricing, having 47 Media on your side will ensure that you get the best price possible.

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Speaking Engagements

Scott Swanson is a renowned speaker and presenter on the online media industry, ad network development, publisher relationship management, trends in social media, and digital advertising’s future outlook. He’s presented to crowds of all sizes at the iHollywood Digital Media Summit, the Montgomery Technology Conference, Digital Hollywood, and ad:tech San Francisco. (See a list of Scott’s speaking engagements.)

Interested in having Scott speak to your team? When we pair a presentation with a customized proposal for your company, we waive the speaker honorarium. You pay only travel expenses. Contact us to discuss bookings.

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