Ad Network Development

Why use 47 Media for your ad network development?

It’s faster.

The development staff at 47 Media, having recruited hundreds of top-tier publishers for successful ad networks like Glam Media, Vibrant Media, and Tribal Fusion, has the process down to a science. And, because our individual professional networks are so extensive, it’s often simply a matter of sending an email or picking up the phone to seal a deal. Quick and efficient — just the way we like it.

It’s bigger and better.

The 47 Media database, PubContact, contains 10,000 key decision makers at web properties in verticals like Automotive, Education, Entertainment, Health, News, Parenting, Shopping, Sports, and Travel. With so many properties quite literally at our fingertips, finding the right publisher partners for your network is easy.

You won’t break the bank.

Imagine having to build an internal publisher development team. You would need, at the very least: an executive with extensive experience, a director or manager-level development lead, someone to support them, and a project manager. You’d also need data partners, a dedicated CRM, presentation resources, and various technology systems (e.g., electronic signatures).

With 47 Media, you get all of these resources — plus the invaluable commodity of our network and working relationships. You also get recommendations for tried-and-true methods, vendors, and technologies, saving you thousands that could have been wasted on trial and error.

No commitments.

Now imagine, after the big recruitment push is over, having to fire most of those people, leaving just one person to maintain and grow the network. Not the most pleasant way to run your business.

47 Media will tackle the bulk of the publisher recruitment and then slowly retreat, leaving you with a sustainable model for mid-term and long-term growth of your network. We’ll advise you in future workflow integration, HR needs, and provide interim executive support, but then leave you to reach projected levels of scale — on your own timeline, and on your own initiative.